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Pre & Postnatal

Antenatal Fitness

As a mother of two young amazing and energetic children, I can relate to the challenges during and after pregnancy. I can provide knowledgeable and sympathetic pre and post natal personal training in a quiet, private and relaxed setting, taking into account your energy levels on the day.

Each pregnancy, delivery and recovery is unique so the aim is to facilitate your individual needs with exercise that works for you.

Pre-and-post natal times are one of the most important periods of your life to maintain your health and fitness. A personalised training programme provides you with safe exercise guidance allowing you to flourish mentally and physically on your pregnancy journey.

The assessment will include:
  • Increased energy and endurance for birth
  • Improved circulation
  • Prevention of excess weight gain
  • Improved posture and appearance
  • Decreased incidence of back pain
  • Decreased water retention
  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Increased muscle and heart strength
  • Maintains pelvic floor and core strength
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Enhanced psychological wellbeing
  • Reduced likelihood of postpartum depression
  • Eased or prevented back pain
  • Reduced risks of blood clots and swelling
  • More rapid postpartum recovery
Pre-Natal Personal Training

When pregnant, exercising can become a daunting task. MADE Fitness will guide you through each of your trimesters, perform appropriate forms of exercise during every stage, make appropriate amendments to exercises and will help you to be in the best condition for your birth whilst minimising unnecessary weight gain.

Post Natal Personal Training

Post natal exercise is equally, if not more, challenging. After birth, caring for your baby, sleepless nights, and the usual daily activities can be exhausting at times. It is important that you can get the most from the precious time that you have available.

Pregnancy leaves its unique mark on the female body and therefore training should be structured to account for this. Made Fitness will help you to lose any excess baby weight gradually, increase your energy levels, and be fit for the challenges of motherhood.

Enquire about pre & postnatal fitness

Medical clearance to exercise whilst pregnant is required. The general guidelines for post pregnancy workouts advise waiting until your six week check-up and have medical clearance for moderate impact exercise. If labour was uncomplicated and once you are ready, gentle exercise such as walking, pelvis floor exercises and stretching can be introduced.

Thorough assessments are conducted before any activity can commence.

What You Can Expect
  • Specific core and pelvic floor strengthening and postural exercises, essential to support your growing baby and protect your spine as your centre of gravity alters
  • Functional approach to training pelvic floor muscles, essential to support the weight of the growing baby and prevent problems with continence
  • Education into the physiology of your body so you understand the changes occurring during pregnancy
  • A safe and effective post-natal recovery programme tailored to your individual needs; taking into account posture, pelvic alignment and diastasis recti if present.


MADE Fitness has the expertise to guide you towards where you want to be. Continual motivation, support and a tailored progressive programmes are just some of the benefits you will receive through training with MADE Fitness. If you are looking to make changes to your fitness level, improve nutritional intake or increase activity levels, simply get in touch and take the first step.
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