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Nutritional Advice

Nutritional advice is incorporated within each package, simply because no matter how diligently you work at giving it 100% during your personal training sessions or incorporating daily exercise into your routine, you will find it much harder and potentially impossible to achieve the results that you are looking for if you don’t follow correct nutritional practices. Indeed proper nutrition alone can make a dramatic difference to both your health and energy levels.

By following a healthy and balanced diet, the right foods and liquids can be incorporated to create vitality, balance your energy levels and promote increased metabolic rate. All of this will compliment your work outs, enhance your weight loss and improve your training results.

“Nutrition is the key to overall good health and proper nutrition is essential for us to look, think and perform at our best”

What You Can Expect

At MADE Fitness, there are no drastic overhauls of clients’ diet and food intake which are problematic or impractical over the long term, preferring to suggest balanced, progressive and sustainable adjustments which can be carried through, enhancing rather than disrupting one’s life.


MADE Fitness has the expertise to guide you towards where you want to be. Continual motivation, support and a tailored progressive programmes are just some of the benefits you will receive through training with MADE Fitness. If you are looking to make changes to your fitness level, improve nutritional intake or increase activity levels, simply get in touch and take the first step.
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